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No proprietary tokens,
No staking.

Retail friendly investments with 
one click.

About Us

Alpha Ventures is the leading community infused venture capital firm in Italy. 

Started from a small pool of investors,  we now reach more than 40.000 retail investors, VCs and Business Angels eager to empower the blockchain world and leave a mark in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Our Vision

Access a list of investment opportunities regardless your wallet size. Get involved in up and coming projects with below average minimum investments.

No proprietary tokens, no staking required. Just KYC.
We value our investors based on the time they spent with us and our tier system is based on how much each investor engages in our community.  

Community Based

A community-based fund is a group of investors who combine funds and invest together. Projects get funded by the community and not by a for-profit venture. 

Instead of one VC investing a large chunk of money in a project, thousands of people invest together as a community; allowing retail investors to be part of early-stage investments previously reserved to leading VCs.

Why Us

Having hundreds to thousands of people as investors, and each hold a fraction of your project, means that they are genuinely motivated to help the project succeed.

The two most powerful ways to grow is through word-of-mouth and strong network effects which is exactly what communities are for. 


About us
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